6 Business Tips for Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

You don’t need another article telling you about the specifics of the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re living in the same world we are, you’re probably all too aware of what’s happening all around you. Operating a business under the circumstances of stay-home orders, state lock downs and major business closures is stressful and challenging to say the least.

Essential COVID-19 Business Tips

These 6 steps are simple, effective ways you can ensure your business survives this pandemic. All entrepreneurs, business owners and e-commerce professionals can act on these now, from the comfort and safety of a home office, to positively impact your business immediately and create lasting, positive effects once “normalcy” is resumed.

1. Continue promoting as much as you can.

If you sell online, this is a no-brainer. Use ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms to let the world know you’re open for business. Offer incentives and discounts to buy now. Those who are hurting financially will appreciate discounts which help them obtain services and products they need to continue their lives and their businesses. This will help them as much as it helps you.

If you don’t sell online, you should still promote offers online that are good for some months. Use creative design and messaging to make these look like coupons or vouchers. You’ll need those people to buy from you when you open your doors.

2. Take this opportunity to update your website and your social media pages.

Make the fixes you’ve been meaning to make. Update your profile and header images, spruce up your “About” copy with fresh content and create posts which promote your discounts and specials. Consider also a regular cadence of social media posting which educates, entertains and provides value to your audience. Americans are on their computers and mobile devices now more than ever.

3. Crate an email campaign (it can be as simple as a series of 5 email messages) and send your entire database.

While you may be aiming to promote and sell as a priority, be sure to diversify the content you send by including relevant information about your industry, news, tips, guidance as well as products, services and discounts. Produce and send content that might help them in any way during this crisis.

4. Contact your customer database and thank them for being your customers.

Give customers an update on what’s happening with your business. Offer them something that might help them if you can, but even a simple communication from the CEO expressing understanding and compassion for what they might be experiencing will resonate with them. You’ll be surprised at what you get back from a genuine, heartfelt communication.

5. Do everything you can to promote your company and tackle backlogs that require your attention.

Address that long-forgotten to do list and wrap up all the things that need to be squared away. Consider this time an opportunity to become more prepared for delivery, sales and production than ever before. Being prepared for when things get back to normal is something your future self will thank you for.

6. Lastly, because we are following the same advice that we’re giving you: If you need any help with any of the promotional activities outlined here, please reach out.

We’re here to help. Eden Court Advertising Co. provides expert service, marketing strategy and account management which will help you promote your business and gain a positive return on your investment. That’s all we do—help you make more sales and profit.

If you’d like to get 5 to 7 times the return on your ad dollars, speak with one of our marketing consultants and find out how we can help you.

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