Media Production.

Commercials, whether through video or audio all require media production. Storyboards, shooting, editing, animation, narration, and more make up the entire process which can be expensive and time consuming if lacking in the knowledge, people and equipment to do so.

Media Production Services.

& Image Creation

If your needs extend beyond utilizing existing content or you need new content. Eden can shoot photography, create graphics such as infographics, charts, data sheets, or case studies.

Audio & Video Production

Audio and video production allow you as a business to become more than just words on a page. You are a real person, presenting a real problem, demonstrating a real solution. Audio and video marketing is the only way to bring your brand to life to your untapped & unlimited online audience.

& Image Creation.

In todays world how a business looks is everything. Capture audience attention with a visually-appealing designed infographic, chart or informational document that communicates all they need to know. Or get professional photos of your business or products to make them stand out. All photography packages include photo editing, as we want your brand to look as clean and professional as possible.

Video & Audio Production.

Commercials are most often a top-of-funnel approach, meant to capture the attention of consumers who don’t yet know you exist. Short audio or videos, with text that emphasize your main points, are typically part of the most successful commercial editing strategy. Let your content speak for your brand with a professional editing strategy. For podcast or music subscription platforms, audio ads are a great way to inform and entice your audience while they’re listening to their favorite music or show

Put your business front and center with our CTV Packages.

In March, we collected $160,000. That's our highest collections in a year!"
(Increased ad budget from $2,000 to $3,000 per month)

Dr. D.K.

Service: Digital Ads

Budget: $3,000 / mo.

Cost per acquisition: $65

Location: Charlotte, NC

Other Services.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising empowers businesses by providing the ability to captivate and convert their target audience. Our expertise simplifies this ever-evolving landscape, allowing you to focus on your business.
Connected TV and audio ads allow you to leverage your target audience’s online footprint to catch their interest. Whether they’re searching, streaming, or scrolling, you can make yourself discoverable on the screen – big or small.


We transform your website into a sales engine by optimizing your online store and marketing presence for seamless navigation, conversion-driven design and strategic marketing campaigns to unlock success and scalability.
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