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The Tampa SEO
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The 9 SEO Action System for Businesses Craving Hot Leads

In the long term, successful search engine optimization has always been about volume, quality and freshness of content.

Does your site show unique content? Is it recent? Does it make double-clear you serve the whole of Tampa?

If you don’t publish new original content regularly, you miss the most important ranking factor in SEO.

Publish good content regularly, mix it with Tampa-relevant content, Google will love it.

The Knowledge Graph is the method used by Google to organize the world’s information in its databases.

Does your content match the Knowledge Graph regarding your industry and your Tampa location?

Ignoring the Knowledge Graph as the primary tool to present your content to Google is like going camping into the wilderness… without a trail map.

Don’t take a chance.

Google requires mobile sites to be speedier than ever.

People love speedy websites.

New testing tools help measuring your speed, and comparing it with local competitors in Tampa.

Google measures the quality of customers’ experience on your mobile site. It then decides to boost your site or penalize it.

Speed up your mobile site, see it rise in Google’s search results… and convert more visitors into leads!

Google was built on finding out who links to you, and whom you link to.

If you have quality links in high volume, your content is authoritative. It means higher positions in the search results.

But links are not just for SEO. They also help growing your visitor traffic.

Get good links from other local sites in Tampa.

Google Business Profile (formerly GMB, or Google My Business) is the most important tool you have to boost your local visibility in the Tampa search results.

When you optimize your GBP, your site has better odds to show well in the local results.

This means everything for your company.

Since 2018, Google favors great mobile sites over great desktop sites.

Does your mobile site comply with Google’s “mobile-friendliness” criteria?

If not, you are fooling with Google

Read our article on mobile optimized websites.

User engagement is what visitors do when they hit your site.

Do local visitors view several pages? How long do they stay? Do they leave early without engaging?

Google tracks user engagement.

“Deeper & Longer” is good. “Short & Shallow”, not so much.

For local sites calling for fast action (typically involving emergency decisions), “Short & Shallow” is not a bad thing.

But do your mobile visitors press the Call button on your mobile site?

We live in a video world. Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube…

Video is the fastest way to spread a message, share a feeling, make a statement.

Local businesses using video already take the lead.

Video doesn’t need to be polished. People value “awkward authenticity”.

Don’t complicate video. Keep it simple stupid. Do selfies. Ask your employees questions about a service or a product. Tell people why it’s good for them to do business with you.

Think video. Do video. Dream video.

The ONE reason great local businesses fail at growing FAST… is their failure at following up.

Most compnies don’t have the marketing & tracking systems to enable them to catch back leads who went to competitors or postponed a purchasing decision.

This is sad. Companies spent all this money in marketing… And when someone says “no” once, they assume the lead is lost. Really?

The very best method to grow fast by compounding your growth rate (just like credit card interests) is to have catching & tracking systems that follow up with every prospect, every client, every referral.

Discover 9 Ways the “Supercharged Local SEO System”
• Boosts Your Local Visibility • Sends Streams of Good Leads Your Way
• Transforms Your Website Into a Long-Lasting Money-Maker

Profitable Local SEO System?


Your company is local: your clients are mostly in Tampa and the Tampa Bay area. 

Whether you run a service-area business, an office-based practice, or a brick & mortar store… You WANT to grow, you CRAVE hot leads.

The Profitable Local SEO System will always, always, always prioritize:

    • Supercharging your Google Business Profile for widest visibility;
    • Boosting your mobile site to convert more local visitors into profitable leads;
    • Tracking down your leads (and clients) and following up with them.

Even if You Only IMPLEMENT A SINGLE ONE of theSE 9 CRITICAL Actions,
Your Lead Pipeline Will INCREASE…

3 Compelling Reasons to Focus on Local Results


    • Over 50% of Google searches for companies in the Tampa Bay area happen on mobile devices;
    • When searching for a local business on a smartphone, Google only shows local results;
    • On a desktop computer, people prefer to click on the top 3 local listings.


Supercharge your local visibility, Boost your sales

    • High Commercial Intent: People looking for a local brand name like yours need what you sell. They know local results always give them the right solution.
    • Ready to pull the trigger: Local people searching for a local brand like yours are extremely close to making a buying decision. Best moment to catch them!

Show people you have what they need… by supercharging your Google Business Profile.

If you don’t know how to supercharge your Google Business Profile, call our Tampa SEO Team right away at (813) 940-5699. 

mobile screenshot Goog results tampa SEO plumbers

3 Must-Do Reasons to Power Your Mobile Site
With a Rocket Engine


    • Studies show people expect your mobile site to load in under 5 seconds;
    • Studies show faster mobile sites make a better impression;
    • Google penalizes slow mobile sites: their target is under 3 seconds. 
Tampa SEO: mobile site speed is an SEO factor

Face the truth: Take the Google Speed Scoring Test. Get your score within 1 minute.

If you don’t score 90+, contact our Tampa SEO Team right away, right away, at (813) 940-5699 to unlock the reasons why.


Get Your Mobile Site Speed Score in Just 1 Minute

3 Powerful Reasons to Improve the Look of Your Mobile Site


    • It takes only 0.05 sec for people to decide if they like/hate your site;
    • Google found out that cluttered sites turn people away;
    • Google says “make sure visitors can do quickly what they came for.”

How does this apply to your brand?

Let’s say you are a plumber. Most of your calls come from people in an emergency situation. They use their mobile phones to visit your site.

What information do they want to find out immediately?

    • How much you charge for the job, any extra-charge for emergencies;
    • How long it will take you to arrive at their home; and
    • How they can call you to ask more questions or to schedule service.
Cluttered mobile UI irritates mobile users

Several of these conditions together will cost you MOST of your leads.

Is it worth focusing on how efficient is your mobile site? It sure pays off.

If you are not sure about how great or bad is your mobile site, call our Tampa SEO Team to arrange for a no-charge consultation.
Call (813) 940-5699 without delay (unless you want to continue wasting leads, of course).


...And could dramatically improve your web visibility

We offer a no-charge SEO consultation to qualifying businesses in the Tampa Bay area (Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco counties).

A consultation typically lasts 20 minutes. During the first 15 minutes, we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your website, your Google Business Profile, and your current SEO positions.

In 15 minutes you will gain a deep insight into your web presence, with rock-solid data you have never heard before.

We will spend the last 5 minutes discussing what you need to do to reach your visibility goals, how long it could take, and how much it would cost.

This is a no-commitment call. You are not bound by anything. We are offering these accurate insights as a thank-you for taking the step to contact us.

Please note: We can’t help every business in Tampa and lorida. We have to be careful how we use our time.

For this reason, we only extend this offer to you if your business meets all these criteria:

    • Your business employs at least 5 persons
    • Your business made at least $750,000 in revenues last year
    • Your marketing budget (all included) is at least $30,000 per year

Let us know your interest in developing an unending source of qualified, profitable leads for your company by sharing some basic information:

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