Exhibit A: Organic SEO Deliverables

12-Month Plan

Eden Ads commits to implementing a detailed Organic SEO strategy over twelve months, designed to significantly enhance your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The sequence of execution will be determined by Eden Ads, focusing on swift and sustainable ranking improvements. Please note that the quantity and quality of backlinks will be tailored to the purchased package and allocated budget.

SEO Deliverables
Out-of-Scope Non-Deliverables:
  • Website Audit and Optimization:
    • Conduct a comprehensive website audit, addressing technical issues, site structure, and performance bottlenecks.
    • Implement on-site optimizations, including metadata enhancements, header tag optimizations, and image compression for faster loading times.
  • Keyword Research and Integration:
    • Conduct extensive keyword research to identify relevant, high-traffic keywords pertinent to your industry.
    • Integrate target keywords strategically into website content, including titles, descriptions, headings, and body text, ensuring natural language flow.
  • Content Strategy and Creation:
    • Develop a tailored content strategy, outlining the creation of SEO-optimized blog posts, articles, and landing pages.
    • Produce high-quality, engaging, and informative content that resonates with both users and search engines.
  • Technical SEO Enhancements:
    • Optimize website speed and mobile responsiveness for seamless user experiences across devices.
    • Implement schema markup and structured data to enhance rich snippets and improve SERP visibility.
  • On-Page Optimization:
    • Fine-tune existing pages for optimal keyword placement and relevancy.
    • Enhance internal linking structure to facilitate easier navigation and distribute link equity effectively.
  • Off-Page SEO Strategies:
    • Develop a robust backlink profile through ethical link-building techniques, leveraging guest posting, influencer outreach, and industry-specific directories.
    • Monitor and disavow toxic backlinks to maintain a healthy link profile.
  • Social Media Integration and Signals:
    • Integrate social media platforms seamlessly into the website, encouraging social sharing and engagement.
    • Leverage social signals to enhance online visibility and credibility, aligning with search engine algorithms.
  • SEO Reporting and Analysis:
    • Provide detailed monthly SEO performance reports encompassing keyword rankings, organic traffic metrics, backlink analysis, and on-site engagement data.
    • Conduct regular performance analysis and adjust the strategy based on insights to achieve optimal results.


Note: Backlink quantity and quality will be determined by the selected backlinks package and budget, ensuring a strategic and tailored approach to off-page SEO efforts. Eden Ads will diligently fulfill all deliverables for comprehensive organic SEO enhancements.

Design and Editing:

  • Logos, photo, and video editing.
  • Photography, videography, and animation services.

Development and Optimization:

  • Custom development, site load speed optimization.
  • Special request integrations, out-of-scope copywriting.

Revisions and Additional Services:

  • Rounds of revisions beyond the agreed scope.
  • Creation of extra landing pages or assets.

Speedy Services and Technical Support:

  • Rush services for project acceleration.
  • Technical support beyond initial onboarding.

Legal and Compliance:

  • Compliance with specific regulations.
  • Hardware, software procurement, and translation services.


  • Creation of textual, graphical, or multimedia content.

Social Media and Management:

  • Day-to-day social media management.
  • E-commerce product management.

Additional Advertising Management:

  • Management of ad platforms beyond the proposal.

Client acknowledges that services outside these non-deliverables are not part of the agreed-upon scope of work.

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