Exhibit A: Connected TV Advertising Deliverables

This exhibit outlines services provided by Eden Ads as part of the Connected TV advertising campaign in the main Service Contract. Parties agree to these deliverables, integral to the Contract. Any changes must be mutually agreed upon in writing.
Connected TV Advertising Services
Out-of-Scope Non-Deliverables:


Campaign Strategy and Planning:

  • Initial market research and analysis focused on CTV audience behavior.
  • Comprehensive Connected TV advertising strategy tailored to client's goals and CTV audience.


Ad Creation and Design:

  • Design visually appealing CTV ads optimized for the television screen.
  • Craft compelling ad copy suitable for the CTV viewing experience.


Platform Selection:

  • Identify and select appropriate Connected TV advertising platforms, considering popular streaming services and apps.


Campaign Setup:

  • Set up advertising accounts on Connected TV platforms.
  • Configure CTV ad campaigns, including budget allocation, audience targeting, and ad placement within streaming content.


Ad Monitoring and Optimization:

  • Regular monitoring of CTV ad performance on streaming services.
  • Continuous optimization strategies, including A/B testing of different ad creatives and refining target audience based on CTV metrics.


Reporting and Analysis:

  • Provide regular performance reports and actionable recommendations.


Consultation and Compliance:

  • Schedule consultations for progress updates.
  • Ensure compliance with platform policies.


Design and Editing:

  • It is explicitly understood that this does not constitute the creation of a comprehensive commercial unless a separate agreement for commercial production services is established. Any request for extensive video production or commercial creation beyond the agreed-upon scope shall be subject to additional charges, and the client will be notified in advance of any associated costs. This provision aims to clarify that the standard ad creation services provided are distinct from the development of full-fledged commercials unless expressly agreed upon and compensated accordingly.


Development and Optimization:

  • Custom development, site load speed optimization.
  • Special request integrations, out-of-scope copywriting.


Revisions and Additional Services:

  • Revisions are limited as agreed upon. Any additional asset creation requirements must fall within the scope defined in the agreement.


Speedy Services and Technical Support:

  • Rush services for project acceleration.
  • Technical support beyond initial onboarding.


Legal and Compliance:

  • Compliance with specific regulations.
  • Hardware, software procurement, and translation services.

Content and SEO:

  • Beyond basic SEO optimization.
  • Creation of textual, graphical, or multimedia content.

Social Media and Management:

  • Day-to-day social media management.
  • E-commerce product management.

Additional Advertising Management:

  • Management of ad platforms beyond the proposal.

Client acknowledges that services outside these non-deliverables are not part of the agreed-upon scope of work.

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