Marketing Insights: Boosting Your Web ROI

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Upping CPC Bids to Goog’s Recs: Yea? Nea?

When a client ask: "This campaign has the best ROI. Shouldn’t we increase the CPC bids to match Google’s recs?"...
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What Focus For Your Google Ads Campaign?

The focus of a Google Ads campaign will vary depending on the growth stage your business is at...
FB Direct Marketing to boost Amazon Sales-featured

Setting up Facebook Ads to Boost Amazon Sales

You can sell anything to Amazon buyers from an ad in Facebook...

GUI Optimization for Better Conversions

Designers like cool widgets but these can hinder GUI optimization. Your site must serve the purpose of your visitor...
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Site Speed Optimization: Testing & Measuring

How to test and measure properly the downling speed of your home page, to grasp your visitors' experience better...
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Mobile First Sites: Designing for Outdoor Use

Mobile First sites are designed to take into account external constraints such as sun light, stress, and speed of interaction...
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Mobile First Sites: Flow vs. Interruptions

Mobile First Site are natively conceived to improve User eXperience. As such, they minimize obstructions and interruptions...
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Mobile First Websites: Graphical User Interface (GUI)

A look at the make-or-break elements of a good mobile GUI. What traps to avoid, what issues to think of...
Core Web Vitals - Need for speed

Mobile First Websites: The Need for Speed

Google requires Mobile First websites to be speedy. How fast? What information should they show? What are the Core Web Vitals?
Eden Ads Mobile First Sites - Web Design Tampa

Mobile First Websites: A New Quality Label

There are 7 rules to creating a killer "mobile first website": • Design it for Mobile First • Favor speed, speed, speed • Offer a simpler GUI...
Reviews reflect CX - Customer Experience

Customer eXperience and ROI in a Post-Pandemic Economy

Customer experience is too crucial for your business to assume you provide excellent service. How do you measure what a good customer experience is?...
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Digital Marketing: Key Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads give your business several key capabilities: • Accurate targeting • Longer reach • Remarketing capabilities • Inexpensive conversions...
Google Ads generates new leads

Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

We see at least 5 reasons for any business to use Google Ads: • Faster results than SEO • Better conversions than organic traffic • Scalability...
Marketing Quiz - Web design makeover

Digital Marketing Quiz:
5′ To Get a Free Visibility Makeover

Take 5 minutes to do our Digital Marketing Quiz. Your answers will help determine where your business is at visibility-wise, and we'll craft your custom...

Best Landing Pages Do THIS (Duh!)…

A landing page is a web page, usually belonging to or associated with a complete website belonging to a brand (but not always), whose sole job it is to convert a visitor or customer into a lead or sale without other navigation to other website pages. So what do all the best landing pages have in common?

Boosting Posts on Facebook: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

To boost, or not to boost? It’s easy to boost posts on Facebook. It’s built to be a convenient self-service promotion opportunity, and it really is so easy your 12-year-old could do it for you. But you’ll always get what you pay for in marketing, and this is no exception.

WTH Are Ad Impressions, and Who Cares?

Impressions are an awareness metric. They are eyeballs on your brand. This, loosely speaking, can translate to new clients, leads and more sales. Without impressions, you’re literally living in a cave where nobody sees you or knows about the amazing services you offer—BUT, they're not the end all be all of your ad campaigns.

A Newbie’s Guide to Organic Content Marketing

Good organic content strategy looks for opportunities to establish a voice, build trust, inspire confidence, share what amazing work you do and—best of all—to engage with your fans, followers and potential customers. If you aren’t posting organic content, you are in fact missing out on a vital building block of marketing.

Your Complete Guide to Getting Disapproved Facebook Ads… Approved

Ah, getting Facebook ads approved. Fun stuff! Getting chronically disapproved Facebook ads overturned? Even more fun. Read on and we'll share some of our insider tips on how to get your Facebook ads approved, even when Facebook is being a you-know-what.

What is Digital Marketing – English Please

Getting started with digital marketing Between all the channels, digital strategies, techniques, online gurus claiming to know it all, getting started with internet marketing for...

How Much You Should *Actually* Spend on Your Marketing Budget

Opinions and confusion about marketing budgets are everywhere in the world of small business and even large corporation decision making. Here we dive into some of the key industry averages, marketing trends and tips you should know as you do your own budgeting for growth.

Digital Marketing: You Don’t Know Anything, So Test Everything

In digital marketing, test everything and keep on testing. Just because you tested something once doesn’t mean you discovered a new Law of Physics. Don’t get cocky and equate a win with a rule that works under any and every circumstance.

6 Business Tips for Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic

These 6 steps are simple, effective ways you can ensure your business survives this pandemic. All entrepreneurs, business owners and e-commerce professionals can act on these now, from the comfort and safety of a home office, to positively impact your business immediately and create lasting, positive effects once "normalcy" is resumed.
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